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[log] [march event/ the unfreezing] [locked to elise]

[ Sakura had declared The Hidden Falls as her favorite spot in all the forests friendly to the Seelie. Though it didn't seem fair to grant one a superlative title, not when each verdant territory-- Breagha, The Great Greenwood-- possessed a special character. Walking through The Greenwood felt like wrapping oneself in a woolen blanket, the magic woven through its leaves and boughs thick with warm affection and security. Entering Engalais was like walking into a living temple, majestic, ancient and scared, but not in the least bit intimidating.

But the Hidden Falls, on the days that she could locate it, was her favorite.

It's favoritism in the purest form-- a love for the unicorns and mermaids and fairies that come to drink the water and play in the roaring falls. All the lovely, magical creatures that populate the daydreams of young girls like Kinomoto Sakura.

Never had Sakura dared approach one of these beloved creatures, as though interacting with them might break the spell, as much as she wanted to pet a unicorn. And never did Sakura expect that the day she dared touch one, they'd be--- they'd be like this, entrapped in ice like a glass miniature in a crystal cabinet display. Even its wild, wind-swept mane is defined by the ice, as if the poor creature had been in mid-motion as the ice overtook it. There are three others beside it. The unicorn's poor family...

It's terrible, awful, horrible... there aren't enough words for it! And worst of all, Sakura knew how to fix it. One time, Syaoran and her had nearly been frozen by magic, but back then she had figured it out. All she needed was The Firey to melt the ice, but here and now...

She didn't have that magic anymore.

To know that she could've once done something to help the unicorn.... Sakura feels even more helpless and heartbroken about it. And so she does an equally helpless thing, sinking to her knees, head in her hands, as she gives into her tears and starts to sobs.  ]

I'm sorry Mr. Unicorn- I'm so sorry! I wish I could help you!
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[Having circled around south, Élise is aware that she must be reaching the border of Glaschu, if she hasn't already crossed over. It's been a long venture, but a satisfying one; this is not her world, and she does not know it nearly as well as she knows her homeland, but it's a step towards familiarity.

She's about to call it finished and turn back in the direction of Caer Glaem—she's tired and the falls are dangerous territory with all the ice—when she turns a corner on her horse and sees a familiar face. It's that little girl she spoke with before, and she's crying over...a unicorn?]

Sakura—that's your name, isn't it? Are you all right?
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[The thing looks dead from here. Rather, it looks like it should be dead—how could anything that encased in ice possibly have survived?

But then again, the Roc cast magic over the land, and other living beings caught in the aftermath have survived. The unicorn is nothing more than a horse to Élise, but she's not so heartless to see a girl weep and feel nothing.]

It may not be dead. If we cna free it from the ice, it has a chance.
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[Élise takes the time to dismount and settle her horse while Sakura cries. Sympathy is all well and good, but she's not certain how to react to the girl's tears. It's not as though she can think back to her own childhood; she'd always taken great pains to be stoic, with a few very private exceptions.]

A fire is a good idea, yes. I have some tinder in my pack that we can use.

[If nothing else, perhaps it can soften the ice enough for them to break through the rest.]
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Wood will help. I have some spare rags we can use to start, but they won't fuel a fire for very long. See if you can find some wood that isn't wet.

[That's not likely, given the state of their surroundings, but it's worth mentioning. Élise returns to the pack strapped to her horse's saddle, glancing over her shoulder at Sakura as she goes.]

What are you doing all the way out here on your own? Have you no guardian in the Drabwurld?
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All right, if you say so. I won't worry.

[For now, because she's safe and Élise is with her. Later on...well, they'll see. She's not a mother, a big sister or a nanny and has no intention to play any of those roles, but...well. They will see.]

It's all right. Let's try this instead.

[Chipping away at the ice while she waited has done nothing, so instead Élise takes a few of the longer, thinner pieces of wood and wraps a rag around the end. Some quick work with the tinder, and she's got a small torch on her hands.]

This might work.
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[Élise is silent a few moments longer before answering, giving it just a little more time to work, to have any effect at all, but ultimately...]

No. It's not.

[She can't grieve the unicorn; it may be magical in its way, as so many things in the Drabwurld are, but it is still a beast, and not even one she's bonded with as she has her mount. But she can grieve the look in Sakura's eyes; a child's heartbreak is never pleasant to bear.]

I've met people with magic, but they're a long way off from here. Even then I'm not sure if they could do anything.

[She rests a hand on Sakura's shoulder.]

I'm sorry, child.
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[Oh, no. This is even worse, and also tremendously awkward. Élise's heart goes out to the girl, but she has no idea what else she can do.]

Of course. It's no bother.

[There's nothing else they can do here, though. It's not a bad thing to allow Sakura her tears, but lingering will only make her feel worse.]

But we should go—you don't need to see thi...

[Except...wait. What? Is the frozen unicorn...sparkling?]
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[What the hell.]

So he is.

[And that makes very little senses. A few moments ago, the beast had been frozen solid, with no hope of the ice ever melting. So what had reversed the magic? More magic?]

But how, though? Did you do anything other than weep on it?

[Some intrinsic ability Sakura never knew she had? Maybe. Who can say?]
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[The reply comes automatically and without sincerity; she's still thoroughly befuddled at this rapid turnaround. But perhaps Sakura is exactly right. Élise doesn't have a clear understanding of how anyone's magic works in the Drabwurld. Maybe strong emotion is the key.]

He does seem to be completely recovered, doesn't he?

[She reaches out to stroke the unicorn's mane, only to sharply draw her hand back when it lets out an alarmed squeal and takes several rapid steps back.]
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[Élise brings her hand a little closer one more time, then draws it back and puts several steps between them when it just prompts more distress. The unicorn clearly will not tolerate her presence, which is a little insulting.

Something drifts into her mind then, a hazy memory of unicorns and the legends thereof; the qualities they embody, and the ones they require those who touch them to have.]

That's all right, Sakura. Don't try to force it.

[If she's right, there's nothing the girl could do to make Élise acceptable. That ship sailed years ago.]

I believe it's because I' adult, and you're still growing. In my world, they tell stories about how unicorns only let [ahem] young people close to them.
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It's all right. I'm just glad to see he's recovered.

[Well, it wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world if it hadn't. But this way there's been no unnecessary loss of life, and Sakura isn't crying, and Élise has nothing more to cope with than a touch of awkward embarrassment.

She may or may not tell Arno of this when they meet again. And blame him.]

I think you did far more than I. But perhaps we should leave it be? It is wild, after all.