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A fifth grader, a little sister, and Mistress of the Clow Cards.

Two years ago, Sakura accidentally released a book of magical cards into the world. Set free to do as they pleased, these Clow Cards were destined to wreck havoc, and thus the book's guardian beast tasked her with capturing them. Fighting dragons, getting shrunk to the size of a thimble, facing off with elemental spirits, escaping a vengeful sorceress, passing Clow Reed's last judgement -- ever since that day, Sakura's life became a whirlwind of magical mayhem.

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In every card lies a magical entity, each one personifying a particular power. With her staff, Sakura can summon them at her command. More than just her protectors, her cards are her dear friends. ♥

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[ Sakura had declared The Hidden Falls as her favorite spot in all the forests friendly to the Seelie. Though it didn't seem fair to grant one a superlative title, not when each verdant territory-- Breagha, The Great Greenwood-- possessed a special character. Walking through The Greenwood felt like wrapping oneself in a woolen blanket, the magic woven through its leaves and boughs thick with warm affection and security. Entering Engalais was like walking into a living temple, majestic, ancient and scared, but not in the least bit intimidating.

But the Hidden Falls, on the days that she could locate it, was her favorite.

It's favoritism in the purest form-- a love for the unicorns and mermaids and fairies that come to drink the water and play in the roaring falls. All the lovely, magical creatures that populate the daydreams of young girls like Kinomoto Sakura.

Never had Sakura dared approach one of these beloved creatures, as though interacting with them might break the spell, as much as she wanted to pet a unicorn. And never did Sakura expect that the day she dared touch one, they'd be--- they'd be like this, entrapped in ice like a glass miniature in a crystal cabinet display. Even its wild, wind-swept mane is defined by the ice, as if the poor creature had been in mid-motion as the ice overtook it. There are three others beside it. The unicorn's poor family...

It's terrible, awful, horrible... there aren't enough words for it! And worst of all, Sakura knew how to fix it. One time, Syaoran and her had nearly been frozen by magic, but back then she had figured it out. All she needed was The Firey to melt the ice, but here and now...

She didn't have that magic anymore.

To know that she could've once done something to help the unicorn.... Sakura feels even more helpless and heartbroken about it. And so she does an equally helpless thing, sinking to her knees, head in her hands, as she gives into her tears and starts to sobs.  ]

I'm sorry Mr. Unicorn- I'm so sorry! I wish I could help you!
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